NUCLEAR Hot Sauces

Special edition hot sauces that add EXTREME HEAT to the legendary Alchemy Kitchen flavour!

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Choose your flavours

A selection of six Alchemy Kitchen hot sauces

Hot sauce

Spice up your life! 

A jar of Hot Damn Chilli Jam on the roof in Lamma


Jams and chutneys 

Alchemy Kitchen spice mixes made into a square

Spice mixes

Rubs, sprinkles, mixes. Just add deliciousness! 

Four Alchemy Kitchen hot sauces and chilli jam on the roof in Lamma

Something for everyone!

The gentle Llama Drama is for every food lover, and then the spice levels go up! But the deliciousness remains!

Get tasty!
A box of fresh Alchemy Kitchen habaneros ready to make hot sauce

Quality ingredients

We use quality local ingredients where possible, and import the best chillis, fruit, and vegetables where necessary.

  • A bottle of Alchemy Kitchen Llama Drama hot sauce with cheese toast and eggs

    Breakfast and lunch

    Great with eggs. Or fried rice. With anything really!

  • Three Alchemy Kitchen Llama Drama hot sauce varieties with steak dinner


    There is nothing that one of our hot sauces won't bring up a notch or two with their amazing flavours!

  • Blueberry cake and ice cream with Alchemy Kitchen Don't Fear the Reaper dessert hot sauce


    Yes, dessert! Hot sauce with dessert is a thing! And it's delicious!

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